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Tatter Du

Tatter-du light house is just East of the the Bucks and about a mile east of Lamorna cove. The whole area is rocky and can be made into a gentle drift (for the suitably qualified and experienced) but can be quite kelpy during the summer.

One particularly nice spot lies just in front of the light house.

Head into the light from the south ..... to 50 03.084N 005 34.590W taking care to avoid the Bucks just to the east. Use your sounder to find a flat area about 30m wide at about 20-25m surrounded on three sides by steeply shelving rock.

Drop about 10m and then heading south down the the rock face will bring onto sandy inlet at about 20 - 25m. The sandy inlet is surrounded on three sides by rock and provides an interresting habitat for a variety of marine life.

Minimum depth ~25m

Rating ***





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