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Low lee Ledges

A small reef 3km south of Penzance and about 1.3km Northeast of Mousehole.

The reef has been adopted by Penzance BSAC and made into a nature trail with a guide rope circling the reef *. The trail is buoyed and the line takes you down onto the bow of the SS Primrose, which unfortunately collapsed last winter but is still home to sizable shoals of bib.

Following the line from the Eastern side of the bows you leave the wreck and move onto the reef, look out for a line off to the right which is a short circular route back to the bows.

There is also a line off to the left that takes you to an iron cannon of unknown origin**. Back on the main line if you follow this to the other end of the reef you can find what remains of the stern of the primrose***. Follow the line back to your starting position.
A very scenic dive with both wreck and reef in a sheltered position. Suitable for most levels of experience as the base of the reef is in about 20m.

Update June 2003

*When last dived the guide lines were covered with weed and could be quite difficult to follow if you're not used to them.

** I did not notice the guide line out to the cannon, but having said that I wasn't specifically looking for it so it could still be there.

*** I did not see the guide line that went to the stern and around the back of the reef.

Depth 18-23m
Rating **




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