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Shore Diving from Lamorna Cove

Lamorna is a small cove with a harbour and is situated about 5 miles SW of Penzance. There is car parking and boat launching (fees payable) and it gets very busy in the summer.

The inlet is sandy with kelp covered granite boulders to either side and is used by local clubs for training and winter diving. An SMB is recommended due to boat traffic.

In late summer Lamorna is a fantastic spot for a night dive. When we dived it last we were amazed by the variety of marine life. Just out side the harbour were shoals of sand eels with pollack feeding upon them, we could feel the sand eels banging into us as we swam over them. Over to the East, boardering the rocks were large numbers of red mullet that allowed us to aproach to within inches before darting off.

A rare treat was the site of a young conger, free swimming, it was less than a metre long and only about 25mm in diameter. We saw a nice sized lobster and pipe fish and returning to the harbour we came across a small flat fish, possibly a brill, which I had resting on my hand at one time and a Cuttlefish which reluctantly discouraged the shore crab that it had just caught when it saw us coming.


On a subsequent night dive my buddy counted no less than eight cuttlefish, including the one pictured above.

There is also good scenic boat diving just to the east of the inlet.

Maximum depth 0 - ~12m

Rating -day ***, Night ****






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