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Diving Treen Cove

diving with seals

A sheltered cove just East of Gurnards head. The cove is shallow, our max depth was about 6m, and the bottom is sand surrounded by kelp covered rock.

Ben had pulled in for shelter while we sat out the 5 hours to HW slack after diving the gun wreck at low water. We had nothing better to do for an hour or so, so in we went.

Diving cornwall

We had only just got in when large seal darted between me and the rock I was heading towards. Jump? I nearly left the water! Half a second later I'd regained my composure and was turning on the camera. The next 20mins were spent photographing this magnificent creature. What a dive!

My thanks to Ben, John and Will at Lands End diving and to my Buddy Simon for an incredible dive!

seals in cornwall

Depth approx 5m (Low water)
Rating ***** if the seals are playing ** if not.
Caution - Seals have big teeth and are quite capable of inflicting injury.





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