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pendeen add

The prop Wreck (unidentified)

Examining the prop

Divers examine the propeller.

The prop. wreck is as yet unidentified and lies just over a mile north of Pendeen in about 30m low water and is a fantastic dive!

The most memorable feature of this wreck for me was the site of the engine block standing up some 4m above the rest of the ship the massive piston block supported on pillars, with the connecting rods still in place. The engine is so huge that there are gaps between the connecting rods large enough to swim through, although this is not to be advised as at least one looks as though it is about to fall out!

The connecting rods

Forward of the engine are two boilers. The port one laying in the usual position but the starboard one is standing on end. I didn't visit the bow but I am told it's interesting but pretty flattened.

Looking through the con. rods

Leading off the engine is the prop. shaft tube and prop shaft which leads to a four bladed iron prop and rudder assembly, apparently ammunition has been found here as well (caution- don't bring the cordite (looks like spagheti) to the surface as it can dry out and become unstable. The sides of the hull have collapsed at a height of about a metre from the seabed and fallen outside the wreck leaving spaces beneath for fish to shelter.

Inside the prop. shaft tunnel.

There was a fair amount of marine life around including some large Pollack, wrasse, bib and large shoal of sand eels close by. It looks like the sort of place you'd find conger but we didn't see any, too busy taking in the wreck.

The vis. was 10 -12m which is not uncommon for this wreck as she lies on course sand in a highly tidal area (to be dived at slack water only). It's also a very bright wreck due to the reflection from the sand.

 A great dive which I hope to repeat several times!

My thanks to Ben, John and Will at Lands End diving and to my Buddy Simon for a great dive.

Depth approx 32m (Low water)
Rating *****
Caution - tidal., experienced divers only.






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