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Diving the Syracusa

Looking up at the bows.

The Syracusa was a 1243 ton auxiliary schooner, which sank just off Newquay with a cargo of coal, during a storm in1897.

A delightful little wreck, this one as she still looks like a ship.

The bows are pretty well intact and were surrounded by a small shoal of pollack lined up into the current when we dived it. Aft of the bows the ship has collapsed, the sides are standing about 1 - 2m off the sea bed. The two boilers remain standing and the prop shaft is still on its mounts, leading back to the iron prop. with the rudder laying flat on the sand.

There was a large variety of life on the wreck when we dived it in late August, including ballen and cuckoo wrasse, pollack, bib and one of the party saw a john dory. Visibility was about 10m.

A great dive, one not to be missed.

Many thanks to Dave at Dive Newquay for taking us out.




Depth 30m low water
Rating ****
Caution - Tidal.






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