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The Sphene

This was probably the dive of 2004, and the vis. was only a mediocre 10m.

The Sphene was an 815 ton steam ship and sank in 1946 during a storm. She has collapsed to about a metre above the keel (apart from the stern and the two boilers which are fairly intact), but  this in no way detracts from the enjoyment of the dive. What makes this dive is the marine life.

Small bib were present by the thousand,

a tompot blenny in one of the two intact boilers


and even a John Dory.

She lies on sand and often has great Vis.

Careful though, the conger bite! I put my hand on the wreck to take a photo and found this little one hanging onto my little finger. Fortunately I didn't feel a thing through the Kevlar gloves.

I'll be doing this one again and next time on NITROX with a twin set!

Max depth about 25m (low water)






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