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The Princess Royal


Only dived this once, in July 2004, the trip from Newquay taking about 30 minutes in the flat calm conditions.

The Princess Royal was a 2000 tonne Scottish Cargo vessel, torpedoed by U-101 in 1918.

The area dived was around the boilers, in a maximum depth of 41m (HW slack). Most of the wreck is collapsed including the engines, but the boilers are in tact and upright.

Marine life was abundant, we saw the usual large shoals of Juvenile bib, pollack and even a couple of ling, crab and a lobster. All this and 10m+ visibility, what more could one want?

A most enjoyable dive which I hope to repeat very soon.

Thanks to buddy John for company and the photos and Dave and Hutch at Dive Newquay for taking us out.







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