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Our little secret!

I'm not actually going to name this site because it really is very special and even though it's quite inaccessible the compact nature of the site makes it vulnerable.

The marine life here is extraordinary, being in a highly tidal area, it is exposed to the full flow of the north Cornwall's Atlantic current, ideal for filter feeders. I remember on one dive dropping down to the bottom and wondering "where have all the muscle shells come from? Has someone been harvesting them and the dropped them? Surely not right out here." The answer came on the ascent, the wall is literally covered with muscles, with not humans, but starfish harvesting them. furthermore if you look closely you will find Jewel anemones living on many of the muscles.

Muscle encrusted with Jewel anemones.

The odd lobster can be found under the rocks, please leave the lobsters there for everyone to enjoy!

Same with the edible crabs please!

Jewel anemones abound

Spot the crab on the muscle shells.

Plumose anemones

Ballen Wrasse

A great site, normally has great vis. and we even saw a sunfish on the way back last time!

How do I get to dive it? Join Duchy divers or have a word with Dave at Dive Newquay and see if he will take you out there, but remember take only photos!






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