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The old lifeboat slip, Newquay

Please read caution below regarding slip.

It was one of those Sundays, we had been booked into dive out of Hayle and head around to Pendeen, but that was called off Saturday afternoon due to bad weather. Three phone calls latter and we were booked in to dive the Siracusa out of Newquay, sorted!

Sunday morning arrived, whether looked 'ok' so off we went, arrived at the harbour but no boat. A phone call to the skipper, revealed that the club who had charted the boat had cancelled as they didn't like the look of the weather. Fortunately I had 'phone a friend' the previous evening and Richard had suggested a shore dive at the "old lifeboat station" Towan Head Newquay. The water looked pretty murky from the harbour but we decided to have a look for future reference.

When we arrived the vis. looked much better and apart from the slight swell that would make exiting the water interesting we decided to give it a go.



As it turned out I'm quite glad the other two dives fell through as this is a cracking little spot that I shall certainly be returning to.



We  recommend that you do not enter or exit via the lifeboat slip it's self as the even the slightest swell (15cm/6 inches) further out makes exit quite dangerous.

The local dive school use a small beach just to the south, climbing down via steps cut into the earthen bank, care!

The north coast is a surfing area and often experiences whether that makes the site totally unsuitable for diving.






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