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Prussia cove  In Brief
Prussia cove has some of the best snorkelling and shore diving in Cornwall, it is also and ideal spot for the family. However it is a long walk with your kit and you may prefer to do it as a shallow boat dive.

Not suitable for large groups!

Access *  Services 1km - Undersea Adventures  Depth 0 - 12m
Wreck  Scenic *****  Marine life ****
Family ****    
Prussia cove is an idyllic Cornish cove about 5 miles east of Penzance. It is ideal for snorkelling or shore diving but, due to inconsiderate divers in the 1970's there is no longer any vehicular access, not even to unload kit. This leaves a half mile hike from the car park to the cove, which puts off many divers. However, a few intrepid locals use sack trucks or custom made trolleys to transport their kit down to the cove. Parking is also very limited so get there early!

Once there it is all worthwhile, there is a small beach at mid to low water and plenty of room to sit on the rocks at other times.

Most of the seabed is covered with rock and weed with patches of sand. Personally I prefer to enter the water from the rocks on the east of the cove and follow them around to the east where there are spectacular gullies and I am told a swim through although I haven't been all the way through (Care!)

Boat diving from Prussia.

Prussia makes an ideal shallow dive. Just to the East of the cove is a small rocky island at the base of which there are many deep undercuts and gullies which give the impression of being in caves.






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