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Piskies Cove  In Brief

A small beach with difficult access but great skorkelling.

Park as for Prussia cove but be early in summer.

Access *  Services 1km - Undersea Adventures  Depth 0 ~ 8m
Wreck  Scenic *****  Marine life ****
Family ***    
About half a mile west of Prussia, at mid to low water you will find a small sandy beach. Access is over moderately steep rocks on the Eastern side.

The spot makes an excellent snorkel as there are many undercut gullies, which are inhabited by large wrasse in the summer. Swimming West across the sand brings you to another rocky outcrop, about 25m past this you come to a sheer wall leading up to a vertical cliff.


Best snorkelled at mid tide where you will find lots of interest between 3 and 5m.





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