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Mullion island

Some good shallow scenic diving here, one of the most interesting spots being just east of the south-western corner. Here, beneath a small recess, adjacent to the rock face you will find the remains of an iron canon, with several others not far away. Just to the left of this is a small swim through. Care! Heading south from the far side of the swimthrough will take through gullies into slightly deeper water 17m was the deepest we had on the day.

Approximate positions of-

A) entry onto flat ledge at about 5m (HW).

B) Cannon in gully under here (second cannon app. 10m east of A)

C) Swim through (care!)


Swimthrough, just west of the the first cannon.

Heading south, through gullies into deeper water.

More Gullies!

The area to the west of the island is slightly deeper, going down to around 25m again with plenty of gullies to explore.

Rating ****

Aerial View

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