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Diving Seggy Rock


In good visibility. this is scenic diving at its very best.

Seggy rock lies just East of Logan Rock and about a mile East of Porthcurnow. Nearest Launching is at Penzance.

The Eastern side of the rock is a vertical wall going down to about 16 m and is covered in anemones. From here the floor consists of very large boulders going down onto sand at about 25m. Small caves and swim troughs formed by falling boulders can be found off the south eastern corner (care!). The whole area is covered with dead men's fingers and gorgonian sea fans can be found in the deeper water.

The western side of the rock shelves of more gently and is kelp covered in summer. To the south the water gets deeper and the reef continue westwards.

In the summer months marine life is prolific with shoals of sand eels darting in and out of the sandy bottom as they are chased by the predatory pollack. The ballen wrasse are large and the variety of coloration is extraordinary.

Marine life is prolific in summer.

Depth ~17 - 30m
Rating *****

Position (approx) 50 02.55N 5 35.33


Seggy rock and surrounding area looking west.

Stunning scenery is one of the major attractions of this area.

The sandy bottom settles quickly and is highly reflective providing "good light"





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