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Diving the Runnelstone


The Runnel Stone is a magnificent granite pinnacle rising from 35m or more to within 6m of the surface. Its is home to a profusion of marine life and pelagic shoals can often be seen circling its upper regions.
The Runnel stone is the final resting place of several ships, the most notable being the "City of Westminster" whose bows are in about 20m, the majority of her being, broken on sand and in about 35m. Being on sand, she is a clean wreck with plenty of nooks and crannies for the odd conger and lobster.
The great thing with this 35m dive is that once your bottom time is up you can ascend slowly up the reef, two dives for the price of one!
Don't miss them!

Depth 6-36m+ (gets deeper further out)

Rating *****

Caution - Tidal, deep water around

Read John Liddiards articles-

"The undiscoverd Runnelstone"

"The wreck of the city of Westminster"





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