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Diving Logans Gully

Aerial View

Just off the extreme south-western edge of the Logan rock promontory, lie two large lumps of granite. They are on a sandy bottom in about 10m of water and are separated from each other by a narrow gully- Logans gully.

The sand is course and settles quickly to give super visibility. The walls of the gully are home to a variety of invertebrate life making it ideal for macro photography. On a larger scale, I remember one dive lying on the seabed watching pollack dart in and out of a large shoal of sand eels.

The surrounding area is often visited by basking sharks in summer months.

Well worth a look!

Logan Gully

Pollack hunting sand eels

Polack hunting sand eels.

Ballan wrasse

Ballan Wrasse

Invertebrate life.


Depth ~15m
Rating ****

Position approx. 50 02.4 N 5 38.25






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