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Silver Steps  In Brief
Silver steps

Silver steps from Castle beach at low tide.

Silver steps can be found at the northern extreme of Pendennis point and gets its name from the stainless steel steps that lead down to the access beach.
Access is good, as is the variety of marine life. There is also wreckage of several U-Boats.

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Access ****  Services 1km - Cornish diving  Depth 0 - 8m
Wreck **  Scenic ***  Marine life ****
 Snorkelling **  Family ****  
Silver steps is the most popular shore diving location in the Falmouth area, probably due to its easy access and variety.
Divable in anything from a moderate Westerly through northerly to a north easterly..
To find Silver Steps, follow the signposts to Pendennis point. Continue past the car park on the point and park in the large lay-by on your left (can be busy in summer).
Entrance is via an easy path to the left of the car park, which leads to steps onto a small rocky beach.
This is a very easy dive often used for training. There is a good variety of marine life, with all the local shallow water species. It is a good spot for cuttlefish and Sea horses were reported there in the summer of 2001.
Another attraction is the broken remains of several first world war German U-boats.

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