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 Castle Beach  In Brief
One of my Favourite shore dives and an excellent snorkel.
Rock on sand with the broken remains of a WW1 U-boat.
An Excellent beach for all the Family.
Access ****  Services 1km - Cornish diving  Depth 0 - 8m
Wreck *  Scenic ***  Marine life ****
Family *****    
Castle Beach may be found by following signposts to Pendennis point. Follow the road around the point, passing the car park on the point and the lay-by at the top of silver steps. Turn left at the junction to follow the coast road that leads past the beaches. Castle beach is the first beach and you should park on the left just before a road leading off to the right. Park as close to the top of the ramp leading down to the beach as possible.
The ramp leads down to a pleasant beach, ideal for the family and with a small beach cafe.

Easiest entry is about 50m west of the ramp, where there is a break in the rocks.
Snorkelling is best just before or after low water. Diving it is best at mid to high tide where there is more water.

If you follow one of the shallow gullies/breaks in the rock you will end up on a sandy bottom punctuated with islands of rock. It is very scenic and on a clear day stunning. Marine life tends to be small but varied. Cuttlefish are often found to the west of the entry point and I have seen dogfish, plaice, large compass jelly fish and even the small bottom living shark that I have been unable to identify.
To the east and just in front of the eastern edge of Falmouth Hotel about 20 m south of the low tide mark can be found the remains of a WW1 U-Boat. There isn't much left but what is left provides a nice habitat for some large ballen wrasse. It is in two sections, be sure to have a good look under the plates on the western side of the southern section. At low water this is an easy snorkel, but take care not to get caught up.
The site makes a fine spot for a social night dive but is not suitable for large groups of divers at any time. Maximum depth 8m.

Finding the U-boat

line up the edge of the cafe buiding with the windows on the falmouth hotel


 Line up the street lamp with the end of the house (note- more of the building will be seen as you will be viewing it from further.

 Beach Cafe

 Flat rock and sand

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