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The Rock Island Bridge

Photo courteousy of Paul Naylor from his excellent book

The Rock Island Bridge was an American registered steamship holed in a collision off the Lizard and towed into the mouth of the Helford for repair. This proving to be impossible she was salvaged and then flattened by explosives (reference)..

Today she lies in app. 12m of water, on sand and a real haven for marine life. A pleasant shallow dive, but watch out for boat traffic*.

Look out for the bib under the plates, conger in the box sections and splendid ballen wrasse all over. The wreck is small so don't forget the surrounding sand which is home to cuttlefish, rays, tube worms, dragonets and quite a few crabs under the scattered wreckage.


The rock Island bridge is a  haven for marine life.

Thanks to my buddy Simon and especially to Gary Fox of for the information and a good days diving!

Dive Action


* Vigilant boat cover is essential, as are delayed SMB's as surface traffic, including silent yachts is prolific. Don't rely on the 'A' flag, be ready to get in there.


Depth ~12m

Rating ***



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