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James Egan Layne

Wagon wheels in the hold.

In my opinion this wreck just gets better and better. We dived her last in August 2004 and the marine life was prolific!

I particularly like this as a night dive when the bib seem to be far more docile and you can right up to them and there's always the chance of a free swimming conger or a lobster out on the prowl.

I generally like to start and end on the bow, the shallowest point at about 8m, Drop down the out side of the starboard side and then swim around the bow (look up!) and along the port side, look out for the bib under the fallen plates, and the conger in a pipe under the hull where she becomes broken. The stern is a little way off, to port and is well worth a swim around. Returning to the main wreck I tend to come up over the broken mid section and over the deck to the bow. It is possible to swim through the holds to the bow, but remember the wreck is 60 years old and becoming quite fragile in places. The bow is a great place to just chill out and off gas.

What was she? An American liberty ship, torpedoed in 1945.

Looking up at the bow.

Looking out through the bow.

Bib everywhere!

The port side

Conger in a pipe.






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